Thursday, 5 July 2012

To Wordpress, And Beyond!

I'm moving the site to Wordpress, here. Basically, the User Interface is just better. Plus, it makes posting stuff on social networking sites so much easier.

So, if everything goes to plan, at some point tomorrow, I'll be switching over. Then anyone who goes to this site should be redirected to the wordpress site:

Monday, 2 July 2012

Surprise: Anderson Cooper is Gay

Following a host of other out celebs (such as Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, and Zachary Quinto) Anderson Cooper came out as gay today in a published e-mail to Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast. You can see the email here. I almost didn’t write anything about it, because even the novelty of coming out quietly is starting to wear off, and that’s really quite encouraging.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

If You’re Into Vanilla Sex, the Kink Community Has a Lesson For You

So I was reading through a bunch of blog articles a few days ago, and ended up at this article on Pervocracy about how the rules of consent in kink culture could translate to “vanilla” sex. It’s about a month old, which in internet years is like a decade, but I still want to discuss it because I think it’s awesome.

Friday, 22 June 2012

When Preventing Rape is Too Costly

I was absolutely at a loss for words when I came across this article at Think Progress about talking about how the American Action Forum was against new policies proposed by the Obama administration aimed at preventing rape and sexual abuse in the U.S.’s prisons. They complained that the measures were too “complicated” and “costly.” I was quite enraged by the response. We’re talking about preventing rape, for crying out loud, and they’re complaining it’s too complicated and costs too much. What the hell is going on?!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Queer Dictionary Revisited

Below is something I wrote at The Good Men Project after writing a three-part “queer dictionary.”

Wait just a minute, you say. There were only meant to be three parts to the queer dictionary. Well, I lied. Okay, not really. I didn’t lie; I just needed to revisit1 a few terms in Part 2. Oh, also I need to admit and apologize for screwing something up, which I’ll do in just a second. (My haters are rubbing their hands together in glee, and my lovers are...well never you mind what my lovers are doing just now).